The Flicker

Prescott has been through a lot these last several weeks. We can either return to how we were- apathetic, uninvolved, dispersed – or we can grab the flame and let it light our souls. To God be all the glory and honor. A poem:

A city so filled with apathy
We’ve forgotten who we are
Living our lives as it comes
Scared to reach for things afar

It’s easy not to care
Build walls between us and pain
Don’t ask for too much
From hope our hearts refrain

But then something happens
Like a flicker in the night
It feels too good to be true
But, God, it feels so right

The flicker lights our barren land
And briefly for a moment
We see shadows of another soul
And remember our descent

We have a choice to make now
We could run and hide
Afraid to get too close
Because the stakes are just too high

Or, we can grab a candle
Catch the flicker and make a flame
With trembling hands, move closer
Tell people more than just our names

We can share our pains and heartache
And maybe then we’ll see
That life makes much more sense
When we’re in community

Push down all the walls
Let God guard our weary hearts
Give it up to Jesus
And He’ll heal our broken parts

Now life is just around the corner
I can smell it in the air
I can feel it in our beating hearts
I can hear it in our prayers

Fan the flame that started
Til it consumes our very bones
We’ll burn so bright and brilliant
That it makes the darkness groan

Darkness cannot consume the light
It’s power is too weak
It thinks it has a fighting chance
But will diminish with a shriek.

Written By: Bethany Steinmann


Hot Off the Press!

So I won this mug as a door prize at Drays Pampered Chef bridal shower. And I thought it was cute so, even though I wasn’t really thirsty, I made some hot chocolate just so I could drink out of it.
and no, I do not like to stir it completely cause I like the little chucks of chocolate powder on the top! : )

Last Saturday I went to my first local show in Prescott- which is kinda ridiculous since I have lived here for almost 5 years now. I went with my friends Sharon and Davenn and we had a good time. Hour of the Wolf was playing and the show was held at Calavera Skate Shop downtown near the square. I really enjoyed the show- it was pretty sweet.

One thing you may not know about me that you should, I LOVE cows.
And I got this next picture while driving so I’m pretty happy with how straight it came out. haha 🙂 I just love cows!

On Wednesday my photography class met at Watson Lake to take panoramics. And I found this humorous. Prescott at it’s finest.
Gotta love that!

After taking pictures, I bought some new sunglasses at Rue 21 since I unfortunately stepped on my poor aviators.
I decided to go for the grandma look.

And then after that quick visit to the mall I headed over to Hobby Lobby- where dreams come true. Check out what I bought and it was all half price!! Honestly? How do you say no to that?? Let the creative juices start flowing!

And today Danae and I met at Cuppers (a cool local coffee shop downtown) to start rewriting an old hymn using our own words. I really enjoyed it.

And as I was leaving, I found something awesome. I am proud of this picture.

So that’s some of the things I’ve been up to. I hope you all are having a great week! I’m glad the weekend is here! I have some fun and exciting plans! : )
Do you have plans? Let me know in a comment! I’d like to hear what you are up to!