Living in Reality

I am so humbled by His presence. 

I was getting in my truck the other day, and I was thinking back on how throughout the past I’ve thought things like, “I wish I was as connected and in tune with God as C.S. Lewis was,” “I wish I could see as profound truths in the normal every day of life as Donald Miller…” Always. Things like that. I have thought “Man, how do you get that close to God?” 

And it hit me the other day. It’s not about getting that close to God. It’s about being aware. Being aware of His love and His faithfulness to be everything He’s ever said He is. Being aware that He is everywhere. He lives in and through me. HE REALLY LIVES IN ME. It’s not some crazy, nice, ideal thought. It’s the truth! The creator of the entire universe, of all things big and small, lives in my body. He lives in every cell of my being. He breathes with my lungs, and He sees with my eyes. 

I can’t help but sit here and worship God! He’s so unbelievable. I can’t even come up with the words to describe Him. I am so thankful for his faithfulness and loyalty and dedication to be intimately involved in my life. When I don’t know my next thought or next move, I can be free and I can breathe because HE is with me. Every millisecond of my day. He’s never left my side. He’s been with me since I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 5 years old. There hasn’t been a moment of my life that He hasn’t been with me. That He hasn’t been living and breathing through me. I may not have realized it in each moment, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

God is so abundantly good. He has such good things in store for those who love Him. He has knelt down and washed my feet. There isn’t one part of me that He doesn’t care about.

I’m sitting in Starbucks and I can’t look around without seeing Him everywhere. 
I was reading this book and it was saying how the trees and flowers worship God every moment by being exactly what He created them to be. They are obeying and praising God by being exactly what He designed them to be. 

I haven’t looked at a tree the same since. 
The whole world truly is celebrating and praising God in our midst. 

We just need to open our eyes to see it. We need to stop being so consumed with our thoughts and our plans that we don’t see God. 

You can have the type of relationship with God that you’ve dreamed about. Just be aware. And when you lose track, just repeat His name. “Jesus, Jesus.” And the Spirit will help your mind to come back to being aware of His presence. 

God is seriously so good, guys. I want you to know that. I want you to know that there is nothing in your life that He doesn’t care about. He know the very deepest darkest parts of your heart and mind, and He LOVES you. Despite the dirtiness of our lives, he sees us just as we are and loves us all the more. There is nothing terrible enough that I could do that would make Him less passionate about loving me. 

Talk about freedom. We are free to look into the nastiest areas of our life and not be ashamed. We are free to look into the nastiest areas of our life and ask for forgiveness. And not only can we ask for forgiveness, but we can KNOW that He will forgive us and He will never bring it up again. It’s time to start living in the truth and reality of our being a new creation. 


My heart and mind are completely caught up in His goodness. 


The Sarcastic Church

As you read this, please know that I am talking from a perspective of someone who has taken part in this. But I’m also talking from a perspective of being the victim.

I don’t want to get specific, because I don’t mean to call anybody out, and really it doesn’t matter.
The Sarcastic Church….

I don’t really know where to start, so I guess I’ll just dive right in.
The church has a big problem with being mean spirited, and calling it sarcasm.
We put bits of truth into sarcastic statements and then claim that we were only being sarcastic, and that people need to not take us so seriously. We do this within the church.

I feel like since the beginning of high school – I don’t know why but – I have been deemed the one who you can give a lot of crap to – a lot of sarcastic comments – and then you can laugh it off and call it a joke. You can give me crap about how white I am, you can joke about me not knowing what I’m talking about, you can intentionally make me feel stupid, but then call it a joke – sarcasm – and laugh it off. Then everything is supposed to be okay.

Well, folks, it’s not okay. In the Bible, I have never read anything which leads me to believe that Jesus was a sarcastic person. He has a sense of humor, yes, but he is not sarcastic. He doesn’t make fun of people and then say “Oh I’m just kidding, lighten up,” or, “I’m just being sarcastic!”
So why is it okay to do this in the church SO EXCESSIVELY today? Since when is it acceptable to pick  one or two people out of the group who can be deemed the person who can “handle” the jokes? the sarcasm? I find it very rare that someone can say something sarcastically and not mean even the slightest bit of it. And even if we are sarcastic and it’s completely something we don’t mean at all, the target person is going to remember what you said, and accept part of it as truth whether it’s with their knowing it,  or if it’s done subconsciously. This I know from 7 years of getting crap from people.

And I guess I’m partly to blame for hanging around these people and allowing them to treat me this way. But what am I to do when the majority of the people who do this are people I see every week at church? Why have we allowed this demeaning “sense of humor” to become so prevalent in the church?

I’m finished with it. I’m finished with it in my personal life, I’m finished with it in my social life, I’m finished with it in my “CYBER” life. As awful as it sounds.

I will no longer tolerate people purposefully irritating me and pissing me off, and I will no longer tolerate sarcasm that attacks me as a person. I’m so done with it. I’ve dealt with it as long as I have lived in Prescott, and I’m just done.

When someone says something on facebook that is demeaning, I am deleting the comment and the “friend.” I refuse to hang out with people who make me feel like anything less than a child of God. Especially when the person is a fellow child of God. Family members don’t treat each other like that.

I am also going to make a very conscious effort to kick all mean spirited sarcasm out of my speech and conversation. It’s not Jesus like, and it is such a huge problem in the church today. It’s awful. It seriously repulses me. And I refuse to make people feel like anything less than a child of God.


Orchards take work. You have to buy land, you have to till the land, you have to fertilize the land, you have to plant seeds, you have to water the seeds, you have to wait, you have to prune the trees, you have to wait for the trees to become mature so that they bear fruit, then you have to pick the fruit and sell it. And ton of other stuff in between all that that I missed because I personally do not have an orchard, so I obviously don’t know all that goes into it.

But the point is, they take a lot of work.
There is a line in one of my favorite Fleet Foxes songs called Helplessness Blues and the line is as follows; “If I had an orchard I’d work ’til I’m raw, If I had an orchard I’d work ’til I’m sore..”

It’s not the chorus of the song, and it’s really not even a very pronounced part of the song, but something about it hit me.
And for a little while I thought, “Yea! If I had an orchard I’d work ’til I’m raw TOO!”
But then I realized I’m really not much of a fruit eater and so that probably wasn’t a true statement.

But I came to a conclusion after some thinking and wondering to myself, “What is it about those lines that seems to call out my name?”
It’s the passion. It’s the idea of wanting something so badly, that you are willing and even happy to work at it until you are physically and mentally worn out. Every single day even, if that’s what it requires. It’s the idea that at the end of the day, you come home exhausted, but thinking to yourself, “that was a well spent day. I am so content with what I’ve done today. I’m just one step closer!”

And I think the reason these lines jump out at me so much is because I feel like I’ve lost all sense of any sort of passion I’ve had. That is, if I’ve even had it to begin with.
I am jealous of people who can paint and paint and paint picture after picture even if no one buys it, because they just enjoy it so much. Or anyone who works hard at anything they strongly desire. It’s not fair! I want that! I want to work at an orchard and get sweaty and gross and scratched up and feel completely exhausted from working out in the hot sun all day! I want their passion and desire and love for fruit! I WANT TO GROW PEACHES!!!

Okay, I don’t want to grow peaches, but I do want to feel passionate about something.
I want to wake up early and go to bed feeling accomplished. I want to feel as though I did something that God intended and created me to do. I want to feel alive.

How do you find that passion? Does everyone have a passion like that? Am I just talking like an inexperienced 21 year old who knows nothing about real life? I probably am, so please bear with me.
All I know is that I want to work at something until my hands are raw and my body is sore. So I will take any input or advice you have to give.

My Dearest Fellow Christian Americans!

Wow. What a great title we have. Christian… American… God is good isn’t He? We have been blessed to live in the greatest country in the world and be children of the Most High God!

WOW. We live in a corrupt, horrible world though, don’t we! Our leaders are scumbags, our fellow citizens are evil and just downright rotten!

AND SO! We can claim this verse as our very own! 2 Chronicles 7:14.
“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We print this verse on banners and plaster our church with them during the seventh month of the year. We get little plaques with red white and blue letters that state this very same verse, and some of them even have the American flag in the background!

The government is corrupt!! The government is turning this free nation into a socialist country, and now I’m gonna have to start paying MORE TAXES because the government just wants to take take take from the common working man, and give give give to more unimportant and destructible programs that will make this country even more of a socialist country and then they’ll take EVEN MORE!! There is no end!!

So. We will sit in church. And when someone upfront states “This country was founded on the Bible” we will get amen! amen! amen’s galore!

Ohhh, but church folk, let’s take a closer look at this verse we’ve so abundantly plastered on our walls and in our foyer!

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

If MY people (who are His people? US! Christians!) will humble THEMSELVES and pray, and seek my face, and turn from THEIR wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive THEIR sin and will heal THEIR land.

My people. Christians. Those who have been adopted into the family of God. will humble THEMSELVES?  Will pray?? Will seek His face?? and turn from THEIR wicked ways??? Wait a minute. Is He saying that His people must turn from their wicked ways?? But we’re not wicked!! It’s everyone else! It’s the WORLDLY people who do wicked things! They’re the one ruining our country!! They’re the one turning it into socialism! THEY’RE the ones who we’re praying against, that they would not win! That they would not get anymore feet in the door of our country!!

But wait. I think God said we need to turn from our wicked ways.
Maybe we don’t support abortion.
Maybe we don’t support same sex marriage.
But what about judging? Do we judge people?
What about hateful speech? Do we ever speak hate toward another person??
“Well no, we love everyone. we love everyone because God said to. So that means I can be mean and say mean things about them, but as long as I don’t wish they were dead (except for a few exceptions) then I’m not hating them!”
What about the guy you flipped off in the car because he raced past you and then cut you off? What about the coffee barista you complained about because they didn’t get your coffee right and you were in a hurry to get somewhere very important??  What about the politician you yelled at on the TV because he’s putting into effect some awful new law, and then complained about to every person you saw within the next 2 hours??

My dearest fellow Christian Americans,
Let us turn from our wicked ways. Let US turn from OUR wicked ways. That’s the only way we’re going to see healing in “our land.”

And let’s read 2 Chronicles 7:14 as if God is saying it to US, not to everyone else. God is speaking to us. It’s HIS people who need to turn from their wicked ways. Maybe the world will see that, and think, wow, there actually is something different about these people. I wonder what their Jesus is all about??

And for the record, I am not exempt from what I am writing. I am writing this for myself as much as anyone else. I would also like to say that I do believe that I have been incredibly blessed to live in the United States. There is not another country I would want to call my own. I just want to see healing in my land. HEALING. The land needs healing, it doesn’t need laws that are more in sync with the way you or I think. The people in this land need healing; healing from hatred, healing from addiction, healing from broken hearts, healing from loneliness, healing from the terrible things that have been said about them. And I want Jesus to heal my land through me, because I know that true healing doesn’t come from laws.

A Heartfelt Apology

I have a confession. I’m not as good a person as you think I am. I have thoughts that would make you think I’m a different person than you know me to be. When I get really mad and am by myself, I lose my cool. When I dropped and broke my iPod the other week, I used just about every cuss word I know, multiple times. I am like dust on the ground. I should be swept under a rug, hidden from view. But I have a Savior who has redeemed me. I have a Savior who has made me more than dust. I have a Savior who has made me worthy by His blood and by His nail-peirced hands. I AM a child of the one true God. I am a child of the Creator of all that has ever been and ever will be. I have the power of this God living inside of me. He can make me a beautiful master piece. He can take this piece of dust, and by His breath he can make me into something that shines brighter than a flame in a dark room. He has made me a new creation. I am living in a world where I don’t belong- where sin reigns and the evil one has influence. I am living in a world that is corrupted by the power of hell. In a world where the flames of hell can be felt by the bottom of our feet on the earth on which we walk. I can see hell. I see it just about everywhere I go. But because of the grace of God, and the love of a God that consumes every part of me, I don’t have to let hell win. I have power over hell. Not by my own doing, but because Christ lives in me. The power of the RISEN SAVIOR dwells in me! This breath that I so selfishly claim as mine is really not mine at all. God has given me life. He gives me each breath I receive, and it’s my duty to use it to bring His truth into the world. That just hit me last night- each breath I take is a gift! It truly is! And how am I using this gift?? I’m going to be held responsible for how I invest this gift, and it’s a shame how often I use the breath God has given me to waste it on unimportant things, or to straight up use it in a way that takes away from the love and goodness of God.

So this is an apology. This is me saying I’m sorry for not being consistent. I’m sorry for losing it when I get angry. I’m sorry for thinking things that are not God-honoring. I’m sorry that I have spoken and proclaimed one thing, and then I went and did another. I’m sorry for being a hypocrite. I want to be the same in every situation. I want God to be my focus in everything, and I want nothing to do with the old, sinful me. It’s against my nature, as a born-again Christian, to do sinful things. I am a new creation, and I apologize for the times I allowed the old flesh to win out over the new, cleansed creation.

Bless the Lord, O my Soul, worship His holy name. This is my prayer, that my soul would bless the Lord. That my breath would bless the Lord. That my thoughts and attitudes would bless the Lord. My prayer is that I would be the same in front of God and in front of you and when I am alone. My prayer is that I would radiate His love to everyone around me. God has blessed me so much and I didn’t deserve a single part of it. My prayer is that my flesh would not win, but that God living in me would win every time. My prayer is that each day and every moment I would die to myself so that Christ may live and breathe through me.

I can’t stress how abundantly GOOD God is. He’s so good. Thank you for reading this, and I hope each one of you will accept my genuine apology. God is good.

An Ordinary Kind of Post

It’s simple. I am sitting in Starbucks, drinking an iced latte and reading my book of the moment, Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke, and an elderly couple comes and sits at the table beside my own. They’re drinking their coffee and talking quietly amongst themselves, flipping through a few pages of brightly colored grocery ads. I don’t know this couple, but by the way they talked and interacted with each other one would assume they have been married for several years. And what caught my ear wasn’t anything profound. In fact, it was so ordinary that I think that’s why it caught my attention. She asked “So, what would you like for dinner tonight?” And the man sat and thought about it for a few moments, and then responded accordingly. I couldn’t help but smile. I couldn’t help but think that I just witnessed a beautiful moment that one wouldn’t usually think twice about. It is such an ordinary thing, planning to prepare a dinner. But they made it seem important. They cared about what they were going to have for dinner. They cared about a tiny little moment in their day, and they didn’t sigh or feel burdened that, once again, they would have to put time and effort into something so habitual and regular.  
I think a lot of times we try to just pass over all the ordinary, habitual things in our day. We want to get it over with and move onto something we can enjoy. But what if we started enjoying the ordinary things that we have to face every day? What if preparing and planning dinner was something we could worship God through? It may sound stupid to some of you, but I believe that’s how God intended this life to be. Extraordinary things don’t happen every day. They’re not supposed to. Life isn’t about the extraordinary things. It’s about learning to appreciate and enjoy the everyday things. Routine is not bad. God made us to have routines. But I think he intended for us to enjoy those routines. And when the extra things outside of our ordinary days DO happen, we can rejoice and be thankful, knowing that without the ordinary things, the extraordinary things wouldn’t happen. 

Take Delight

I hesitate to write this blog post. But to explain why I must first tell you what I want to write.

Lately I have been learning quite a bit about God. I’ve been starting to really understand that God wants what is best for me. He has plans so much greater and more fulfilling than I could ever imagine for myself. He is a much better planner than I am. Heck! Not only is he a better planner, but he’s a much better dreamer! He desires things for me I can’t even desire for myself!

And I’ve really been learning that lately. I’ve also been thinking about the verse in Psalm 37, which states, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” In the past I’ve viewed that in a very selfish way! “Okay! As long as I read my Bible and be a good Christian and love God then God will give me whatever I want and ask Him for! Easy.” Well, I’ve begun to read it in a much more beautiful way. And I think a much more “correct” way. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. If you’re taking delight in something, what are you going to want? You’re going to want more of that thing. You’re going to start wanting what that thing or person wants.
Delight- Great pleasure.
Pleasure- A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
Satisfaction- Fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs
Desires-A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
So. Take great [feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment] in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Let me point out a little key word here…. satisfaction.
Take great satisfaction in the Lord. That means He fulfills your wishes, expectations, and needs. He is all you need to be satisfied. When He is all you wish for, He will give you the desires of your heart. As you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give all of himself to you, as much as you can possibly desire, and not only that, but he places His desires for your life in your heart! When He is all you want, he puts His wants and desires for you IN your heart.

How incredible is that?? Especially when you know He wants the absolute best for you!
So stop worrying about what you want to go to college for. Stop worrying about what kind of career you want. Stop worrying about where you want to live. Stop worrying about what you want your future spouse to be like. Stop worrying about what car you want to drive. Stop worrying. Stop worrying, and start desiring God. Start praying that God would give you an unending desire to know Him more and more. Pray that He would reveal more of Himself to you. And through revealing more of himself to you, the desires HE has for your life will become your own desires for your life. Search the heart of God. Believe that He wants what’s best. Put your trust into action. It makes for a much more peaceful life and rested mind.

And this doesn’t mean don’t plan. I believe God wants us to plan. But as you desire and search the heart of God, see what you begin wanting for your life. I think most of the time it will be something that we can’t attain ourselves. Our world is a fan of “dreaming big!” But what if we dreamed big, understanding that God can do anything He wants? Understanding that He can orchestrate any encounter and situation He possibly wants for your life. He can get you where You want to go. I think that “dreams” are more than dreams. I think they are attainable goals when they are God driven desires.

Anyway, all that to say that lately I have been feeling very hopeful excited for my future. I have received a tiny bit of clarity regarding my future, and for that I rejoice! When I know that I am NOT supposed to do something, I know I’m getting closer to discovering what I AM supposed to do. So I will be glad for the peace God has given me, and continue to ask God to show me the next step. Now, why would I hesitate to write a blog post like this? Because last time I wrote about being filled with joy, the devil really got me down. I started having pity party after pity party, and for about a week I was just down in the dumps. And then one day I got sick of it, so I decided not to let him mess with me anymore. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. It’s as simple as that. But I hesitated because it was a hard week or so. And I know that when I write things like this, the devil doesn’t like it and is going to try to get to me even more aggressively. But I trust that God wants to use what I have to say in someone’s life, and that is far more important.

God’s Gifts | Joy |

This weekend I was able to go to San Diego, to surprise my best friend who is going to PLNU. She knew her mom was coming to visit, but I was a complete surprise! I was scared she would have an idea that I was coming, but fortunately she had no idea! (:

Recently I have really been spending time in the Word, and as I read more and more, God puts the desire in me to read EVEN MORE. There is so much jam packed in the Bible, and I have so much to learn! In the past it’s been hard for me to sit down and read it. I’m not sure why. I knew that God would speak to me through it, and I knew that it would draw me closer to God, but I didn’t make the time for it. I would read a chapter here and there, but I wouldn’t REALLY read. This Book is so full of hope, it’s amazing. I can’t explain how God has just been blessing me with Joy. Every day is so worth living, and I just want to shake people! I want to shake them and tell them there’s something SO MUCH BETTER to HOPE for! Oh my goodness! God is so good! He loves us SO MUCH. He is passionate about captivating us with the awe and wonder of who He is.

In the past I have felt close to God through nature. Through tree’s and mountains, and just beautiful natural landscapes. And though I still see God’s love and majesty in those things, lately I’ve been learning a lot about His love through other people and through how we’re made. He has made us all so unique. He has given us all our own unique laugh, smile, sense of humor, eye color, smile lines, freckles, skin tone. He’s given us our own passions and interests. But what’s even cooler than that? He did it intentionally! HE LOVES MY LAUGH. He LOVES my freckles and white skin. There is nothing about any of us that He doesn’t love. He intentionally gave some people squinty eyes when they smile. He intentionally made some people tan easily. He intentionally gave us each our hair color. He intentionally made some of us outspoken and some of us reserved. He intentionally made some of us tall and some of us short.
He cares about EVERY detail of our life. Of our body. Of our DNA. Nothing goes unnoticed.

I’ve been feeling very loved through other people lately as well.
People I’ve just met, people I’ve known for years, and people I’ve known my whole life.
Each friendship I have is at the point that it is for a purpose. Everyone I’ve met has been intentional. God put me here on this earth at this specific time with these specific people.
With the people I see in the grocery store, with the people at my church, with the people I drive past every day, with the baristas at the coffee shops I visit, with the people who have been my acquaintances and are now my friends.

Nothing surprises Him. Isn’t that good news?? It is for me. Because in that, we can feel comfortable enough with Him to enter into His midst. To approach the throne room, and know that grace will cover us because of Jesus Christ.

A Short Ramble

God made us relational beings. He created us to long for human interaction.

And as I sit here, eating chinese food, watching some lame 90’s TV movie, I think about the days that I will be able to share a night like this with the God-fearing man I fall in love with. We would laugh at the ridiculous acting, and the predictable story line. Both knowing that the movie sucks, and both being okay with that.

Sometimes I wonder if people read this and see me as some desperate girl who wants a boyfriend. That is, in fact, quite the opposite of what I am trying to portray. I am absolutely in love with my Savior, and I trust God completely that when I am the woman I need to be, and my future husband is the man he needs to be, we will meet and God will orchestrate a beautiful love. I look forward to finding out who God wants me to spend the rest of my life with, and it crosses my mind quite often. In the meantime, I am working on my relationship with Jesus Christ before all else. Only then could I ever possibly be ready for a HUMAN relationship. God is perfect. I am not. And my future husband is not going to be perfect. So before I can be in a serious relationship with a human man, I must first take my relationship with God seriously. Think about it, if you can’t handle being in a responsible relationship with a perfect being, how could you ever handle being in a relationship with a non-perfect human being? It doesn’t make any sense.

The Awaken Project | Seeing God Work |

God is so incredible. He never bores me!

Lately I have seen God working in SO many ways, it’s amazing.

A couple weeks ago, I was approached about and given the opportunity to record a full length, professional quality, studio recorded album.  This has been such a huge longing of mine for the last few years. I’ve wanted so badly to be able to record the songs that I’ve written and have them, even if they were just for me to keep and have to show my kids one day. My heart has longed for it.
What great gifts He gives His children! My parents and I have been praying about it for a long time, and it’s so cool to see that He really does listen and want to give us the desires of our heart.

This week I asked my friend if he would be willing to record some banjo parts for a couple of my songs. He ended up not being able to, and I was feeling a little bummed and, let’s be honest, I was a bit irritated.  So I started thinking about it (and when I think, a lot of it tends to be out loud.) My Mom suggested maybe asking a girl that is the granddaughter of a lady that lives in the apartment complex where she works (did that make any sense?!) Anyway, so yesterday, this girls MOM ended up calling MY mom. Out of nowhere. WHAT? (Keep God’s awesome timing in mind.) So she talked to this mom about the fact that I need someone to play banjo for some songs. So they talked a bit and she told my mom that she would have her daughter get ahold of me. So I got a text last night from this girl, and I sent her my song, and she’s gonna be working to see what she can come up with. Oh… and did I mention that this girl won the title of Best Banjo Player in Arizona this year? Yeaaaa…. no big deal. God’s plans are always SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE! Anyway, I’m incredibly thankful and excited to have such a great artist come together and work with me on my album. I’m stoked.

Also, I am not going to go into detail about this one because it’s not my story to tell… but someone I’m very close to has had a hard time with the whole idea of tithing. This person began tithing about 2 months ago… and their checking account online was not matching up with what they had calculated in their checkbook. Their checking account has been hundreds of dollars ahead of what it should have been according to their checkbook since they started tithing. This person has tried to figure it out, and has come to the conclusion that God can multiply whatever he wants. It’s loaves of bread and fish. It’s the exact same thing! You give God what you have, and He does what He wants with it.

He is such a beautiful, faithful God!

OH! I’ve also been learning that we are to expect God to work. We are to expect results when we pray. I’ve been learning a lot about healing and that God still wants to use us to heal people. It’s not just a New Testament, Bible thing. We are His disciples and He lives in us.
Anyway, to make a… well, not so long story even shorter, my brother (he lives in ABQ, NM) called my Mom and let her know that he wasn’t feeling good. He was feeling major flu symptoms. I overheard this, and I told my mom to tell him “Tell him he’s going to feel better by morning, cause I’m gonna pray for him.”
I text him the next morning, and he was feeling SO MUCH better.

You can’t tell me God isn’t good. And you can’t tell me God isn’t faithful.

Jesus is alive.