Thoughts from my heart.

In this blog post I will share some free writings I’ve written down in various notebooks over the somewhat recent past. Enjoy!

Like a rushing river,
His Word flows over me,
He is the life giver,
In Him I’ve been made free.

Now darkness is my hunter,
It tries so hard to kill,
Stalking so close behind,
Waiting for a weakened will.

But Christ has overcome,
This evil will not win,
The predator may be close behind,
But my Protector won’t let him in.

So run, run, run away,
Your skills aren’t useful here,
My God has overcome the grave,
There’s nothing that I fear.

The trouble with the sunshine
Is that it slips right through your hand
I reached out to keep some
But darkness is all I grasped.
A bottle cannot keep it-

Pause! Just pause a moment!
Soak in the yellow rays
It’s oxygen for the soul
So do not wait until it fades.

The night time is upon us
But don’t be weary; it will not last
Although you cannot grasp it,
The sunshine will be back. 


God, You sent Your son to save me,
So why am I still here?
You must have a reason for me
So God, please God, draw near.

I don’t know where I’m going
Don’t know where I’ve even been
Life seems like a vicious circle
With doubts that live within

It’s partly human nature
This chaos that I feel
Pour out of me a stream of love
a waterfall of praise
Bring me close to feel your presence
Lord, I love to see Your face.

Your thought is a sweet melody
Singing to me in the night.
I am Your treasure, You are my King,
From my peace Your praises ring.

Abundantly you have loved me
You sweep over me with mercy
And wrap me in Your goodness
I sail into the depths of Your heart.

My life is nothing short of a mystery;
You search for me like a pirate for his treasure
Yet I am unworthy of a love so sweet
A love that gives me freedom and peace.

I bask in the light of Your faithfulness
A sweet rain pours over me;
It fills my thirsty mouth
And gives life to my timid being. 

Your breath fills my lungs
And gives my life meaning again
My blood is saturated with the Spirit
Of the One who lives forever.

In You this is no death;
No dark thing can survive
Your radiance diminishes evil
My body is made anew.

The darkest of valleys can’t intimidate me
From fear You’ve set me free
Wherever I go, I take a Light
That burns eternally.

So send me to the alleys,
Where the dirty fragments lay
For He builds His kingdom to the top
Out of hearts the world has slain.

They run to this Shining Light,
And in Him they’re made clean
Scrubbed up and rebuilt
Turned into temples unforeseen. 

Nothing is too big for my God
No power that exists
Can overcome the One who dispensed it
There is no rock which will not be over turned.

But take heart! He is good!
The most terrible of persons can be redeemed! 
My God is not a God of once chance.
In Him you have infinite opportunities;
But only while You breathe.
So brothers, make your decision now-
For any moment you could cease! 

Oct. 4, 2012.
At the alter with a heavy heart
My mind won’t sleep, my mind won’t rest.
Wheres Your comfort?
Where’s Your peace?
It’s easy to say but so hard to find.

I can’t keep going
Without some answers
What’s the point of it all
My life seems so lost.

I crave to hear Your voice-
Is it deep, is it loud?
Is it soft, is it sweet?
I hear about You speaking
Yet You’re silent with me.

Why, God, do I sing
When all I wanna do is speak
To the one who created me
To the one who Hears my voice
It’s supposed to be a two way street
So why can’t I hear yours?

Oct. 4th, 2012
I need to feel the hole in Your hands
Not to turst You live
But to know You’re with me.

How’s Your side?
Has it healed?
How’re Your hands?
Do they still embrace me?

I am tired,
I am so tired,
God why, why is it so hard
To hear Your voice,
To feel Your peace.

I’m so lost
My mind is numb,
My heart is calloused. 

Mar 5, 2012
You ask me what I’m doing
And where my life will lead,
But if I had an answer
don’t you think I’d share my dreams?
So keep the question to yourself,
Your thoughts aren’t too forgiving,
Let me make it through today
Don’t forget I’m already living.

February 2, 2012
Run little girl,
Don’t let your fears follow you
Hide until they’re gone

Run run as fast as you can
Get out of the place you dwell
It’s taking you under

Shut your mouth or suck it up
There’s colors on the other side
Don’t let the black and white drown you out

Your fears have swallowed you whole
Your mind escapes like a bird from it’s nest
The winds have blown your sanity away
But you do nothing to get it back

Stop complaining little girl
Find a cure to stop your hell
The world has too many problems to stop for you

Be the cure you’re looking for
Don’t wait for someone to fix you

Find that hole,
Lay down for a while
But don’t you get too blinded. 
There’s a world outside waiting for you
So get back on your feet.




I hope you enjoyed. And if you didn’t, then I’m sorry! But hopefully some of this spoke to someone’s heart.



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